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Real Estate Attorney  Jason A. Price earned high honors with his law degree 23 years ago. He also acquired a Masters of Law Degree in Taxation. Because of these extra qualifications, he is able to help with some of the more complicated questions that can arise with Real Estate.

Why do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

While you are not required to retain a real estate attorney in Ohio, both buyers and sellers routinely use attorneys to help with documents and to assist in other parts of the process.

A purchase of real estate must be done with a contract, and an attorney can negotiate or draft contracts. If there are mistakes or ambiguities in the contract, it could lead to problems later, including litigation or even loss  of the property. You will save time, money and stress by getting it right the first time.

Circumstances Where You Need an Attorney

Real estate agents cannot answer legal questions, even if they wanted to. Many issues you want to ask your agent about are legal matters, like zoning and tenancy problems. If the property is a short sale or part of a foreclosure, it can be more complicated. The lender will often require an attorney.

You will also need an attorney if the property is part of an estate, or if there is an easement on the property. Commercial properties may have confusing and complicated zoning and tenancy issues.

The Most Important Purchase of Your Life

If you are trying to cut corners, you need to consider what is at stake.

For competent, knowledgeable representation on all your real estate matters, call The Jason A. Price Law Group, LPA today.

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