Lancaster Business Planning Attorney

Fairfield County Attorney Jason A. Price has been licensed for over 20 years and helped many deserving clients with a wide variety of legal issues.

In addition to his Juris Doctor degree, Business Planning Attorney Jason A. Price earned a Masters of Law Degree in Taxation. He assists clients with every stage of Business Planning, from inception to liquidation.

Starting a Business

When you first form your new business, you may not even know what sort of entity it will be. You will have to make decisions about a seemingly endless series of issues, such as permits, contracts, insurance, stock and employment agreements. You will also need to make a decision about  the buying or selling of a property on which the business is located.

Lancaster Attorney Jason A. Price can help with all these issues and more. He can help you decide on the structure that is best for your goals while helping you negotiate and finalize contracts. He can help you make a plan to guide you to the future.

Help With an Ongoing Business

As time passes, your business may run into problems such as contract disagreements or other disputes. During these crises, you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney who can protect your investment.

Even if you aren’t experiencing specific problems, you may be thinking that your business could be earning more money. Lancaster Business Planning Attorney Jason A. Price can help you evaluate the way your business is running and provide suggestions for more efficiency or even ways to increase productivity.

Liquidation of a Business or Assets

Sometimes you or a partner will leave the business, for many possible reasons including retirement. Depending on what kind of business you have, even one partner leaving could force significant changes.

Detaching people from the business may involve a lot of legal work. Business Planning Attorney Jason A. Price can help with all of that.

Personalized Service

Every situation is different and every client has unique needs. Lancaster Attorney Jason A. Price provides attentive, confidential service for each client so that he can adapt  his services accordingly.

Whether you are starting a business or working on a plan for greater productivity, you need someone who understands the complexities of business law. For help with all your legal needs for your business, call  The Jason A. Price Law Group, LPA today.

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