Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

As an experienced attorney of over 20 years, Lancaster Criminal Defense Attorney Jason A. Price understands how difficult it is for those who find themselves subject of the State. He does everything he can to make the process easier for his clients.

Family Law

No area of law impacts people on a more profoundly personal level than family law. Things such as divorce, child visitation, spousal support, adoption and others all deal directly with the relationships between family members. That’s why it’s important to work with and experienced Lancaster family law attorney.

Estate Planning

Estate planning ranks among the kindest things you can do for loved ones. You are taking the time to consider how they might be impacted after you pass. By working with an experienced Lancaster estate planning attorney, you’ll be able control of how assets will be managed and resolve disagreements about your wishes in advance.

Business Planning

When you first form your new business, you may not even know what sort of entity it will be. You will have to make decisions about a seemingly endless series of issues, such as permits, contracts, insurance, stock and employment agreements. Whether you are starting a business or working on a plan for greater productivity, you need someone who understands the complexities of business law.

Real Estate

A purchase of real estate must be done with a contract, and an attorney can negotiate or draft contracts. If there are mistakes or ambiguities in the contract, it could lead to problems later, including litigation or even loss  of the property. You will save time, money and stress by getting it right the first time.

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